Pets Page

Our first dog, Max, was a miniature Dachsund. He was a Christmas present for Danielle in 1996. Sadly, Max passed away in the fall of 2003. He had cancer which spread rapidly through his body. We didn't even know he was sick before it was too late. We've had quite a time trying to explain to Anna that Max isn't at the doctors anymore. She keeps telling us we need to bring him home. Ah well, we're sure he's off pestering the angels and eating till his heart's content now.
Cindy came along in January of 1997. Danielle brought her home from her job at LaVista Animal Hospital and Jim fell instantly in love. Cindy had been found with her sister in the carcass of a deer where her mother was trying to keep them warm. Mostly golden retriever, Cindy has enough wild dog in her to keep her wildly hyper-active.